Are you starting a new business? Looking for a way to get your name around to potential clients and business partners? Here at Careprint we have developed our website to hosts an online design software, here you are able to design your very own business cards for free, on any computer, in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Once you are happy it is just a few clicks to place your order for your own designed personalised business cards – you’re in charge and you will not be disappointed with the end result.

Design your business card free today

We have a variety of business card designs for you to utilise. We have our Business Cards DS (double sided), Business Cards SS (single sided), Folded Business Cards and Skinny Business Cards. Ultimately each of our business cards are printed using quality digital printers, toner and printed onto nice, thick and quality card. Although a standard business card is usually one sided, we like the thought of thinking outside the box and creating both original and stylish folded business cards or skinny business cards.

Slim business cards are becoming the fashion and trend of the business cards world. They're so popular simply because they are different and allow people to utilise more interesting and unusual designs. They're printed on the same card as normal business cards.

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