See out but not in

Perfect for advertising on windows in buildings and vehicles allowing you to see out whilst restricting vision in for those outside during daylight hours. Please note that once it is dark outside and the lights are on inside the reverse is true.

Fusion 150mic Perforated Window Vinyl

An approved Contravision™ 150 micron monomeric perforated vinyl with a removable black adhesive with 1.5mm holes for enhanced viewing for window graphics and displays requiring excellent view through vision. This product is recommended for flat surfaces for optimum results.

Metamark 135gsm 60:40 Perforated Vinyl

Metamark MD-CV1 is a perforated one-way vision film has 40% open area and 1.6mm perforations. It is suitable for advertising applications on vehicles and buildings, maintaining visibility from the inside. The black/white laminate has a clear adhesive to maintain full visibility through the holes and to ensure clean removal up to 6 months after application (Not recommended for application to polycarbonate). Over laminating is recommended to maintain visibility in wet weather.

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