Christmas is only around the corner now. We’ve entered October, the month where the clocks go back and children come knocking for chocolate and candy otherwise known as Halloween. Once these pass us, the next notable occasion will be bonfire night and then it’s Christmas!

Now is a great time to start your Christmas shopping, the earlier the better. Here at Careprint we have a wide range of products in stock all year round, and these products are great as gifts. So if you’re looking for personal Christmas ideas then we have a whole range of solutions for you at

There is nothing better than a personalised and well thought out gift, especially a gift that has been personalised to be understood by only two people, you and the recipient. We have a range of items that come as standard but can be personalised by yourself. We have banners, canvases, posters, clothing, chopping boards, awards, caps, hats, bags, clocks, mugs, jigsaws, mouse mats, soft toys, tableware, phone accessories and more. All of these items would be great as a Christmas present whether they’re family, a close friend or a work colleague.

Make sure that you see your options for a personal Christmas idea by heading to the Careprint website now.